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Coaching is a powerful partnership designed to help you reach your goals. It entails creating space for you to have your own learning moments.

My purpose is to help you develop your career while staying true to yourself. When I hear you say “I’ve found and own my rightful place”, I know my job is done.

As a certified coach, I’ll bring the tools and techniques to help you identify and master the skills and strategies you need to develop your own leadership style and amplify your impact. I see myself as a facilitator, working with my clients’ material: clarifying, reframing, brainstorming, changing the perspective if needed ... to help you leap into action.

I’ll also bring my experience as a marketing consultant and manager in a variety of companies, and as a working parent: I’ve been in your shoes and experienced firsthand many challenges of the workplace.

You’ll have access to various resources designed to equip, support, and empower you.

Your journey

There is no single template or “one size fits all” answer to individual success. Every coaching relationship starts with listening and understanding your unique challenges.

We’ll start with a sample session. Is coaching what you need and do you have questions about it? is there chemistry between us? Can we create a powerful relationship? If we’re both convinced we’re the right fit for each other, then we start our journey together.

First and foremost by creating solid foundations: we want a safe & courageous space for each other, free from obstacles, doubts, worries in how to be together. Anything is welcome to show up to create a solid alliance. I'll be asking tons of questions and we’ll probably spend some time exploring who you are, your values, your own and unique definition of success, what makes you feel alive, connected, powerful. We'll work with your whole person (mind, body, heart and soul) to shine the light on your "self". Action we'll always be our focus: nothing happens until we do something.

After those 2 discovery sessions, we’ll begin with our regular sessions. You will be in charge of establishing the topic - allowing us to really “dance in the moment” and use what is happening in your life, the challenges you face, and the decisions you take, as real life material for our session. I’ll be in charge of making sure the work we do together helps you move towards your goals.


We’ll meet as often as needed, usually every other week over a 6 months period - We'll find the right way together and we'll commit 100% to make every minute count.


TAKE ACTION: book a complimentary sample session now 

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