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About me

After graduating from France’s #1 school of management -HEC Paris- I worked as a marketing strategy consultant. My work was then to take care of clients by designing the best possible customer journey and experience. It led me to work for the travel and tourism industry, utilities, online dating services,... and navigate the UX design world and customer-centric approaches.

I soon realized that to provide a great customer experience, companies had to ensure a great employee experience first, as in a mirror. With this in mind, I joined the french lottery commercial subsidiary as Chief of Staff to the CEO to implement a massive change management program and create a new company culture (who are we, what do we deliver, how, what are our values). This is how I took the first step into internal coaching.

After 15 years working in companies, I decided to take a break to receive extensive training around coaching.

I am now certified with the Co-Active Training Institute.  I'm also certified (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation 

I am coaching executives as well as entrepreneurs, having a job or transitioning, in both English and French, to help them develop their self awareness (values, strenghts, skills); elaborate their personal vision (who do you want to be and what do you want to do in your work and personal life) and navigate the path toward your goals.

I have special rates for people working on two issues I'm particularly concerned about. 

The first one is how to address the climate challenge, which requires a daunting change on both personal and systemic levels : our habits as citizens, consumers, workers but also as nations or companies...   The second one is women empowerment, or how to unlock the potential of half of the world.

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